Exercise Referral Clients

If your looking to get into fitness and you have some medical common medical conditions, NSC Fitness can help. All personal Trainers at NSC Fitness are fully qualified to plan training sessions for clients with a wide spectrum of common medical conditions.  

On our team we have qualified exercise physiologists a, sport scientists and American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise physiologists who will be able to help you plan and monitor your training programme through all stages of your progress. 

Practitioners will give you specialist advice on your health which will vary on your circumstances.

Why you need a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can support you with training programs, nutrition advice and plans, weight loss, or to help you lower your cholesterol and blood pressure so that you are as healthy as can be.

living a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of some of the common disease that we now call ‘metabolic syndrome’

We understand that all individuals are unique and have different needs, a dedicated practitioner can support in this endeavor.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure over the long term for better cardiovascular functioning and health.

Frequent and long term exercise can lower your total cholesterol levels.  

Improved cardiovascular health through exercise can also help you improve your concentration levels. 

Exercise can improve your mood in the short and long term. Get those endorphins going!

Many of the conditions listed above are as a result of being overweight or obese. The good news is that you can do something about it. An exercise program from an experienced and qualified Personal trainer practitioner will help you to get your weight to an optimal level. 

Insulin resistance leading to type II diabetes can be reversed by more exercise and lifestyle changes. Let us help you get this under control. 

What do I do now?

There are many athletes and non athletes  that use personal trainer practitioners on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis to help them improve and minimise risk of injuries.  There could be a knot in their body and a sports massage is necessary.

We can hep you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Enquire now with NSC and find out how we can help you…